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A man in a dinosaur costume cheers up Ukrainian refugee children at a Polish station

In recent years, the number of refugees and migrants coming to Europe has increased exponentially. The reasons for this are many, but the most common one is conflict in countries like Syria and Sudan.

As these people flee their homes, they often end up homeless or in dangerous situations. Some find refuge in other countries, but many more find themselves stranded on the borders of Europe. One organization, known as the “Refugee Welcome Center”, is trying to make life a little easier for these people by providing them with food, clothing, and shelter.

Background of the man in the dinosaur costume

The man in the dinosaur costume is Ukrainian artist, Andriy Shevchenko. He traveled to Poland to cheer up refugee children who were waiting at a Polish railway station. The children had been displaced by the war in Ukraine, and were excited to be visiting their family members in Poland.

Shevchenko is a well-known figure in Ukraine for his art and activism. He has worked on many humanitarian projects, and has also created artwork that reflects the Ukrainian culture and identity. In this photo, he is helping to make the children feel welcome and loved.

Why he dressed up as a dinosaur for the refugees

Brandon, a man in a dinosaur costume, cheered up Ukrainian refugee children at a Polish station. He said that it made him feel happy to see the children smile. Brandon is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, but he has been living in Poland for the past year.

What the children thought of the costume

The children were excited to see the man in the dinosaur costume and they were even more excited when he started to cheer them up. The man was wearing a clown costume, but it was still very funny. Most of the children had never seen a dinosaur before and they were very intrigued by the costume. Some of the children were not sure if the man was real or if he was just a costume, but they all had a lot of fun interacting with him.

The man’s reaction to the photo

The man in the dinosaur costume was a ray of sunshine for Ukrainian refugee children at a Polish station. The children had just arrived in Poland after fleeing war-torn Syria, and were feeling lost and lonely. When they saw the man, their moods instantly Changed. He was wearing a dinosaur costume, and his bright smile made everyone happy. The children started to laugh and play again, and they seemed to forget all their troubles.


What a beautiful photo! This man in a dinosaur costume cheered up Ukrainian refugee children at a Polish station, and his act of kindness has touched many hearts. It’s great to see people like him willing to go out of their way to help others in need. We can only hope that this story will inspire others to do the same kind of thing, and that we can all work together to make the world a more compassionate and loving place.

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