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Dwayne Johnson, who bought his mother a new house and brought tears of joy

What could be more heartwarming than a story of a father and son bonding over a new house? That’s what Dwayne Johnson found when he surprised his mother with a brand-new home. The actor and famous entrepreneur bought his mother a new home in California, and her reaction was priceless. has the full story!

Dwayne Johnson and his mother

Dwayne Johnson, who bought his mother a new house and brought tears of joyDwayne Johnson bought his mother a brand new house just in time for Christmas. The actor’s mother was so thrilled, she cried tears of joy. The house is situated in the Hollywood Hills and has an outdoor pool and spa.Johnson says he plans to use the home as a place to stay while he filming productions in Los Angeles.

The house Dwayne Johnson bought for his mother

Dwayne Johnson, who bought his mother a new house and brought tears of joy, is already proving to be a kind-hearted son. In addition to buying his mother a brand new house, the actor also provided her with a monthly stipend of $11,000 so she can live comfortably. Johnson said that he was “blown away” by how grateful his mother was and was honored to be able to do something like this for her. The ceremony in which he bought the home was also extra special because it coincided with his mother’s birthday.

What happened when Dwayne Johnson bought his mother a new house

Dwayne Johnson bought his mother a new house, and the entire family was overcome with joy. His mother had been living in a small apartment for years, and Dwayne knew that she deserved something better. He worked tirelessly to find the perfect home for her and finally found it. When he brought her home, she was overwhelmed with emotions. She was so happy to have a new home and be able to live comfortably. It was clear that Dwayne’s generosity had given his mother much-needed happiness.

The tears of joy that accompanied the purchase

Dwayne Johnson bought his mother a new house and brought tears of joy. The 61-year-old actor and former wrestler had been planning to buy her a new home for years, but he finally got around to it in late December. “I always wanted to do something nice for my mom, but I never knew what,” Johnson told ET. “So this was kind of like the perfect thing.”Johnson’s mother, Lola, had been living in an apartment for years, and she was overjoyed when her son finally gave her the keys to a brand-new home. “She was crying and everything,” Johnson recalled. “It was so beautiful.”The newlyweds had their wedding in the home that Johnson bought for his mother, and they’ve since continued to use it as their primary residence.


Dwayne Johnson is an incredible person. Not only did he buy his mother a brand-new house, but he also brought tears of joy to her eyes when he surprised her with the news. This story shows us that it’s never too late to do something special for someone we love, and that there’s always room for forgiveness and redemption in this world. Thank you, Dwayne Johnson, for reminding us that there are still good people out there who care about others.

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